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Title: Red Touching Yellow
Fandom: Blade: The Series
Pairing: Krista/Chase
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~1110
Author: Harper
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
A/N: I’ve had this sitting around on my hard drive for a while. I wanted it gone, so I dusted it off and here it is. I make no claims of quality (it’s quite possibly abysmal). Also, I know that the title refers to a coral snake and that Chase’s resemblance to a coral snake is minimal, but I always liked the saying.

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Fanfiction Prompt Table

Does NOT apply to past fics!!

01 Wish. 02 Need. 03 Dream. 04 Search. 05 Destroy.
06 Fly. 07 Swim. 08 Freeze. 09 Jump. 10 Run.
11 Mother. 12 Father. 13 Brother. 14 Sister. 15 Child.
16 Love. 17 Hate. 18 Bondage. 19 Apathy. 20 Work.
21 Second. 22 Minute. 23 Hour. 24 Day. 25 Year.
26 Birth. 27 Life. 28 Death. 29 Heaven. 30 Hell.
31 Earth. 32 Air. 33 Fire. 34 Water. 35 Spirit.
36 Rain. 37 Snow. 38 Wind. 39 Sun. 40 Moon.
41 Crimson. 42 Mask. 43 Breath. 44 Sacrifice. 45 Devour.
46 Cheerios. 47 Reunions. 48 Instinctual. 49 Fidelity. 50 Lesbian Marriage.

Just one rule...comment with a link (to the story, that has the prompt word[s] in the Author's Note somewhere, and the table will be updated as needed! ;)

Fellow chase_krista shippers!!

This community has been sorely lacking in the fanfic area for almost a year now...fembuck actually just finished her series that she had written 12 out of 13 chapters for and finally (almost a year later) posted the finishing entry. I know I am one to be talking, because I need to finish my series. But, there are other series that floating around in this community, incomplete, I am asking you to finish them, please. FYI: We will accept more fanfic, fanvids, icons, wallpapers, other graphics, and etc. just as long as it's chase_krista centric. Thank you!!
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Fic: Welcome to the Fold (Blade the Series, Krista/Chase, 10 - End)

Okay, so I know it's been a ridiculously long time since I have updated this story ... I think probably going on a year now and you have my profuse apologies for that. I could just couldn't figure out an ending to the story that I was happy with, and was waffling back on forth on a number of ideas and then - because I have the attention span of a blueberry scone - I got distracted by other things and this story kind of fell through the cracks.

I hate having unfinished fic out there though, so I went back to my original ending with a little tweaking and ... here it is. So ... now back to our long delayed scheduled story ...

Welcome to the Fold
Author: Janine
Fandom: Blade the Series
Pairing: Krista/Chase
Rating: R
Warning: bloodplay, language, rough sex
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Summary: Krista and Chase settle into the unexpected relationship they have begun.

Previous chapters:
Prequel - A Brave New World
Welcome to the Fold - Parts 1-3
Welcome to the Fold - Part 4
Welcome to the Fold - Part 5
Welcome to the Fold - Parts 6-7
Welcome to the Fold - Part 8
Welcome to the Fold - Part 9

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Where are you all?

Well, getting very quiet here!
I really miss the continues of especially "Welcome to the Fold", "The Nightwalkers" and "The Offer".... so is there any hope, we'll get more?? 


I was in the electronic section of K-Mart looking at the DVD's and guess what I saw for like $14.99? An unrated, extended verison of The House of Chthon.....I however did not find anyother DVDs......but, if they do well in sells we might see more y'all!!
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Fanfic: Incredible

Title: Incredible

Author: Inga (Chasex3)

Fandom: Of course our lovely pairing Chase/Krista

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own them

Summary: Chase is just talking to Krista about vampire life and something like that ;)

Annotation: After I read so many great fanfictions I just decided to try to write one on my own. I think I really have to underline: I try … English is different. German is of course another language, but like I said I try to make at least not that many mistakes, but of course I can’t promise I’m perfect ;D Have fun! :)
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